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Hydraulic Tree Mover Spade

Product Features:

According to different soil quality, the hydraulic tree mover spade has two types of heads: flat-mouth and full-tip. The excavated soil balls are "apple-like" and "radish-like". It needs one minute for transplanting one tree. Apple-like earth balls are suitable for transplanting the sapling in nursery garden for the sales, the earth ball is full, and the root system is better protected, the survival rate of saplings is guaranteed to the greatest extent. The radish-like head is more suitable for seedlings that have not been transplanted and need to break their main roots. It is applicable for the seedling transplanting in nursery garden, and grubbing the dead tree and the same of street green belt and residential community green belt.

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Model Unit JX-YS03 JX-YS06 JX-YS08
Tree Diameter mm 60-100 100-150 150-200
Large Diameter of Tree Ball mm 500 900 1020
Small Diameter of Tree Ball mm 300 400 600
Depth of Tree Ball mm 340 600 650
Ball Volume 0.07 0.42 0.55
Number of Shovel   3 4 4
Dead-weight kg 290 900 1200
Suitable Excavator ton 5-8 12-17 18-25

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